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How rare is rare? Is it rare to the world or just rare to those who don’t possess it. Earlier this year I found an old survivor CB750 chopper outfitted with some serious vintage gems. This motorcycle is a story on its own, but for now I’ll focus on the Triple A, 4 to 1 exhaust it was equipped with.

I’ve never actually seen one in the wild so seeing a set on a wild 70’s stock chop made me wonder if they were one offs. However, thanks to a few leads I was able a few threads, which led me to an article in Cycle Magazine.


In 1972 the header was featured in a Cycle Magazine article, which compared several exhaust systems on the track. This mangled steel tubing was designed as an equal length header by Triple A. Apparently it wasn’t just all looks, the exhaust performed will and as you could imagine created a rather unique snarl of a sound.

So, remember when I asked how rare is rare? Well, somehow I stumbled upon a second set. In my routine of Craigslist searches, there it was “CB750 exhaust for sale”. The seller knew it came off a CB750 but judging by the asking price, he didn’t realize how rare of an exhaust it was. The system was dinged up and didn’t have the correct collector but nonetheless the pipes were rust free and complete. As some of  you may know though, I’m not in the business of keeping it all. I cleaned them up and sent them off to their new owner. Why sell it you ask? Welp, if I managed to find two, whats to say I won’t find set number three!

BTS Trade Co. photos by Alex Maldonado


25 Comments on “How rare is rare – Triple A exhaust”

  1. bryan wood

    I have that same pipe on my CB750 Cafe Racer, but with a different megaphone welded to the AAA collector, to angle it up. Probably find pictures at

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