Born Free 8

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Well, Born Free has come and gone, and what a painful blur it was. This year I only made it out to Sunday’s shenanigans, Saturday my daughter had a dance recital that was a disaster (organization wise). For those who have never been to Born Free, or at least within the last 3 years, you need every bit of two days to truly take it all in. Thousands of bikes flood the venue, and probably double if not triple that amount in spectators. If you can imagine, it’s no easy task trying to visually take in the details, let alone photograph them. If it isn’t a hairy belly photobombing your picture, it’s usually a pair of legs in short shorts. Now for most that isn’t a bad thing, but when you’re trying to capture a bike, it can be slightly annoying. Here’s another factor that can wreak havoc on your photographic documentation. Born Free is always hosted in July, and in California that usually means some pretty intense heat. There’s no problem staying hydrated as there are plenty of vendors selling H2O at a slightly inflated price. However, when beer is nearly the same cost as water, it seems almost a waste to spend it on water. That was my decision I made, over and over and over again, so yes by the time I made one full round, around the show the camera lens wasn’t the only thing a little blurry. For this reason of overindulging, I only captured a handful of images. I could punch myself for taking this path, but unlucky for me someone did it for me! Until next year…

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