Finally looking back – Born Free 11

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As we slowly approach our “California Winter” its a good time to look back at this years Born Free 11 show. Plus I realized I never really posted any pics so I thought I might as well share some, now or never.

Born Free; Love it, hate it or if you find yourself torn somewhere down the middle, know that you’re not alone. The show has come a long way from the days of crashing Signal Hill’s half residential, half industrial streets back in BF2. Like anything that has spanned over a decade, there has been highs and lows. One things for sure, this year ┬áthere was a great wave of builds that went beyond just the invited builders. There were some killer builds through out the grass pass and ass area, and even some in the Super VIP section (aka the dirt lot). The return of some actual survivor chops and traditional style chop builds was a welcoming sight. Not to knock FXRs or modern Harleys but sometimes, just sometimes the sea of factory black can run its course.

Every year I toy around the idea of building something specifically for a Born Free, but then I remember that nobody knows who the fuck I am. Why does that matter, come on, we all know its all about who you know. So, for now I’ll just build a bike because its long over due and who knows maybe I’ll actually have sometime to ride it!


Alex M – BTS Trade Co.

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