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ryan reynolds kott motorcycles

A friend of ours recently forwarded this video to us. Dustin of Kott Motorcycles has evolved so much in the time I first saw him at an early Vintage Venice Motorcycle Rally. His hard work and evolution is clearly paying off.

Invite The Unexpected from Bryan Rowland on Vimeo.

In a bit of shameless self mention, Dustin is rockin an old Black Top Society and InkFX Corp collab design. Hours went into the hand illustration of that design. Ironically when I illustrated that artwork, “All Soul No Glory” it was very much about the unsung builders, riders, artists, and pretty much any artisan who works for the passion, not the fame. I think it’s only suiting that it ends up in Dustin’s hands. If you’ve ever met him, there’s definitely a humbleness about him.

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