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Barn finds without a doubt still exist, just when you think you couldn’t possibly find a new one, you do. Like most barn finds they are rough, and usually in a variety of mechanical states. This “Mary J 69” is rough to say the least but as usual its dressed up with some 70’s gems. 

The extremely hefty raked neck bares a questionable 1971 Honda CB750 vin badge. Yet the power plant is a 69/70 K0 and the original extended front end was a sandcast / K0 front end. Just a big bag of early CB750 stock parts.

The side mount headlight has a sliver of a Bates decal. Proof of its origins for those who keep track.

The 69/70 powerplant still spins freely with what feels like decent compression. Soon I will pull the Posa Fuel injector carb and replace it with a carb rack for test fire up. I oil change is definitely in order as the last time this thing legally saw the road with 1989.

One of the coolest kits on this bike was the tank. Well at least the top part, can’t say I’m crazy about the fairy decal. Its old and kinda cool but I keep imaging how killer this is going to look with just the kickass gold Mary J leaf sitting solo on this perfectly aged tank.

I’m not sure exactly how I’ll get this back on the road. The neck has some issues, although based on the re-enforcement overkill, I doubt it falling off will be one of those issues. For starters a neck stop is in order as turning too far is an immediate dive. Stay tuned for some video on the carb swap and hopefully an easy fire up.

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