The Great Viking

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Last month I found this CB750 chopper project. Like most old chopper projects, not running, half ass wired and of course no paperwork. So, why bother with the rough and rusty project? Welp, knowing your parts or even giving a shit about other parts is key.

What you can’t see from first glance is that the motor is a 69/70 Ko motor, doesn’t mean much to me or most chopper guys but to restoration buffs its all the difference.

What interest me the most was the fact that this early motor was stuffed between the rails of Viking International frame. I have found little info on these frames, about the only thing I’ve ever seen was a small ad from the site.

Now, I know what you’re thinking how can I butcher these projects up and sell of shit?? The truth is sometimes I hate doing it but like any of us who have had these projects sitting in our garage you quickly realize that old chopper projects nearly always are a project for a reason. This was a perfect example, although the frame looks great from a distance there is still some butchery involved. Missing motor mount tabs, missing brake tabs and up top a crudely welded harley tank mount. All of which if you want your motor to sit still will need to fixed.

So what awaits this sleeping viking? In a perfect world I’ll get the motor tabs sorted and get this back to a roadworthy state, but this isn’t a perfect world. It’ll be a slow process but with any luck this Viking International will defy the odds and see the road once again.

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